What We Do

Flux offers a tailor-made data services experience that can be categorized into a three-step process, with each step painting a more nuanced picture than the one before it. Our approach to our service process comes from a place of appreciative inquiry, careful examination of case studies, developmental and theory-based evaluation and social return on investment (SROI) .


Data Collection

By utilizing both online and offline data collection tools like Qualtrics, Surveymonkey and Open Data Kit as well as alternative collection tools like journals, participatory mapping and photovoice, we build a strong foundation, which is essential for further steps. Our methods include interviewing, focus groups and participant observation within either a closed, semi-structured or open format.


Data Analysis

Spotting trends and opportunities is easy with powerful data analyzation tools like Dedoose, NVivo and Flux Pivots (our custom, in-house software). For quantitative data, we use tools like Excel, SPSS, R and other statistical software. Our methods include descriptive statistics, pivot table analysis, bi and multivariate statistics, linear regressions and logistic regressions.

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Data Visualization

Visualized data should communicate clearly with the audience, gifting your team with the confidence to ask their own questions and make their own data-driven decisions in order to increase impact and results. Visualization tools like PowerPoint, Prezi, Youtube, Excel, NodeXL, Tableau, QGIS and R package ggplot2 allow for graphing, diagramming, mapping and presenting. Methods for getting the word out include technical writing with data and systematically documenting methods and sources.