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Flux is a consultancy focused on research, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) based in New Orleans, USA. 

Our mission:

Make Data Meaningful.



That data, evidence, and reflection inspire learning, resilience, and dignity in places of need.



  • the desire to learn or know about anything; inquisitiveness.

  • carefulness; fastidiousness


  • the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination


  • a condition in which minority groups participate fully in society, yet maintain their cultural differences

  • a doctrine that a society benefits from such a condition

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The Team:


William N. Faulkner, M.A. 

Experience: William is a consultant with extensive experience researching and guiding complex social innovations. He works domestically as one of the small cadre of self-identified evaluators based in New Orleans, serving nonprofits, funders, and social businesses. William also operates internationally (primarily Latin America/Caribbean, Lusophone and Anglophone Africa), focusing on the evaluation of advocacy campaigns, agriculture research and development, and extractive industries' corporate social responsibility.

William's CV

Interests: Systems thinking, complexity theory, network analysis, developmental evaluation, utilization-focused evaluation, adult learning, idea dissemination, custom software development, integration of technology in research.

Email: william@fluxrme.com


Katherine Hillman

Experience: Katherine is a consultant in social program monitoring and evaluation, with a focus on qualitative analysis and finding creative solutions for projects and clients. Katherine believes strongly in data driven solutions for social innovation. She has extensive research experience and enjoys using these skills on local projects  to expand her knowledge of different facets of the fabric of New Orleans. Katherine has taken part in projects with many New Orleans nonprofits, such as KID smART, Big Class, and Energy Wise Alliance. 

Interests: Behavioral economics/behavioral sciences, Human Rights, social justice, shared value, collective impact, and economic development

Email: katherine@fluxrme.com


Callie Dean


Callie is a program evaluation and curriculum development consultant who specializes in arts integration and youth development. She is passionate about equipping people with usable data and creative resources to transform their communities. Callie has extensive experience in grant writing, program development, and educational assessments. She currently works as the Education and Community Engagement Manager of the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra and teaches applied research at Eastern University. She is excited to be joining Flux as an Associate!

Interests: qualitative and arts-based methods, urban studies, community arts, youth development


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