Courses & Capacity Building

Interested in building capacity to collect, analyze, and present data within your own organization? 

Flux provides workshops designed to embed the essential skills to take on M&E projects from within your organization.

  • Data collection - standard tools, creative alternatives
  • Summarizing social data in Excel
  • Beginner's [R] - program basics, intro to data analysis
  • Intermediate [R] - descriptive statistics, basic regressions
  • Prezi - how to create / deliver captivating presentations

Interested in knowing more about your options for getting systematic feedback on your work?

Flux offers custom introductory courses tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

  • Introduction to M&E - approaches, methods, logistics
  • Impact evaluation - theory, practice,  current trends
  • M&E as an Industry - history, current formal/informal governance, future scenarios


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