Water Brazil Program

World Wildlife Foundation – WWF Brasil, Banco do Brasil, Fundação Banco do Brasil, Agência Nacional de Águas

Dates: August 2013 – November 2013

Project: Mid-term evaluation of the Water Brazil, a national-level environmental program implemented by WWF-Brazil and funded by a partnership between the largest bank in Latin America, their associated foundation, and the Brazilian national regulatory body for hydrological resources.

Program Blog: http://www.blogaguabrasil.org.br/


  • Fieldwork / data collection in remote areas conducted safely and efficiently: Logistical planning and execution of in-depth interviews and focus group facilitation with diverse program stakeholders (private-sector sugar cane/ethanol managers, smallholder farmers, farmer cooperative representatives, recycling center workers, municipal department secretaries) in 4 sites in northern/western São Paulo state and Acre, Brazil.  
  • Production of engaging intermediate-stage site reports.