United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund

Dates: June 2015 – October 2015

Project: UNICEF is a leading humanitarian and development agency focused on upholding the rights of children. The Policy Advocacy Mapping and Scoping project stems from a trend within UNICEF shifting resources and attention from direct service delivery to policy advocacy, particularly in middle-income countries. The deliverables set the stage for a larger evaluation of the policy advocacy occurring in the 108 middle-income countries in which UNICEF has a country office.

Website: www.unicef.org


  • Co-Design of Sample & Data Collection Instruments with UNICEF staff, advocates.
  • Qualitative database formed from Country Office Annual Reports and other documentation 
  • Quantitative database formed from
  • Analytic Report produced assessing the nature of UNICEF policy advocacy, quality of data available on policy advocacy, and appropriacy of staffing and resource allocation for policy advocacy across middle-income countries.