First Born Home-Based Visitation Program

The Focus Group Consulting, LLC and The Thornburg Foundation

Dates: January 2017 – March 2017

Project: The Focus Group Consulting, LLC hired Flux to perform the desk research summarizing the state of home-based visitation programs, focusing on the region surrounding New Mexico (USA). The research team compiled information on program business structure, funding, strategy, and the legal environment. The results were used to advise decisions around the restructuring and expansion of the First Born home visitation program.

I used Flux to assist with desk review and was impressed with their efficiency and flexibility. They were extremely communicative and receptive to the needs of the project. Flux provided clear and concise tables of the data requested on US home-based visitation programs for at risk mothers, making the process run smoothly and allowing for easy reference to the information!
— David Kulick, Principal, The Focus Group Consulting, LLC



  • Efficient Research: The team employed secondary data collection, personal online and phone contact, providing depth of information that far exceeded the client's expectations.

  • Clear deliverables ready for insertion into strategy report. Requested information presented in well-organized format easy to manipulate and adapt to the final report.