Open Society Foundations

Dates: May - June 2017

Client/Project: The Open Society Foundations is a family of offices and foundations that works internationally to construct tolerant societies whose governments are accountable and democratic. They work to protect and improve marginalized communities through shaping public policies and implementing initiatives in education, public health, justice and independent media. Under Open Society Foundations, the Fiscal Governance Program aims to ensure that public resources are used effectively to benefit those in need.


We really enjoyed the work that Flux did in mapping and creating social network data visualizations. Flux was quickly able to produce detailed GIS and social networking maps - giving us a variety of options and displays to work with. Will also worked with us to accommodate changes along the way. Open Society Foundations highly appreciated the recommendations that Flux provided that helped our board and management team get the most from the data visualization.
— Megan Colnar, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Manager for the Fiscal Governance Program

Responsibilities: Flux performed a social network analysis and created data visualizations for the Fiscal Governance Program under Open Society Foundations. The data visualizations created by Flux discovered patterns in how global tax coalitions and networks interact across the world. Flux also evaluated the data that was used, and created a series of suggestions for how the visualizations could be improved maximize the benefits of the results.