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Current Projects

Keep up with us! Here are the current projects the Flux team is working on.



Dates: November 2016 - Ongoing

Project: KIDsmART is geared towards engaging children in dynamic, creative and rigorous learning through the arts, as well as designing and implementing arts integration to benefit under-resourced children in public schools in the New Orleans area.

Using customized, in-house products like our data blueprint, Flux contributes ongoing consulting and support on matters related to data and knowledge management, assessment and reporting to (both prospective and current) funders.

Website: kidsmart.org



Dates: June 2017 - Ongoing

Project: Lutheran World Relief is a nonprofit that helps families in poor, vulnerable communities around the world by targeting agricultural development, climate change and mitigation and emergency operations. Flux, working on the final evaluation of the USAID funded Adaptando Juntos project, seeks to analyze and evaluate the results from a citizen participation approach.

Flux evaluates the design and implementation of Adaptando Juntos’s  interinstitutional model, the participation strategies of the Municipal Environmental Commission of Hualgayoc’s climate change group, climate change adaptation committees in the Tingo-Maygasbamba and Hualgayoc-Arascorgue areas, CODACSs and the water harvesting associations of the projects implemented by Adaptando Juntos.

Flux also evaluates the direct participation on three primary interest groups: the rural population of Hualgayoc, teachers and students from Hualgayoc institutions and municipal officials and technicians of Hualgayoc, Cajamarca, Los Baños del Inca, Llacanora, EPS, SEDACAJ and the National University of Cajamarca.  

Websites: lwr.org/adapting-together

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Dates: April 2018 - Current

Project: The Preservation Hall Foundation was launched in 2011 to "protect, preserve and perpetuate" the musical traditions of New Orleans.Through musical education programs, outreach, live performances, multimedia projects, collaborations and more, the Preservation Hall Foundation creates greater awareness and appreciation for New Orleans music and the communities that support it.

Flux is assisting PHF with leveraging their existing tools and assets to build an assessment plan for key components of two programs:Kids in the Hall and the National New Orleans Music Curriculum. Our goals are to 1. review and improve current data collection instruments to be applied during Kids in the Hall and pilot new data collection instruments with a sample of Kids in the Hall participants, 2. analyze data collected to inform answers to key questions PHF has about Kids in the Hall programming and 3. co-create funder report with PHF staff. Flux seeks to have the first phase produce tangible, useful results for several stakeholders (PHF staff, funders, and program partners).




Dates: Stage 1December 2017 - January 2018                                              Stage 2 - April 2018 - Ongoing

Project: NOLA College Prep is a network of schools whose vision is committed to making "private schools for free", for at risk and underserved children in Orleans parish. Their mission is to ensure that students are prepared for college, career and life.

Flux collaborates with TerraLuna to assist NOLA College Prep schools in evaluation fieldwork: survey design, interview facilitation and various analyses.  There are two components, the first being "Boost" after school programs, based on performance measures and other factors of interest and the second being an evaluation of Hoffman Early Learning Center.  

Website:  nolacollegeprep.org



Dates: January 2016 - Ongoing

Project: Energy Wise Alliance is a New Orleans based non-profit geared towards bringing "cost-conscious energy efficiency solutions to the people of Louisiana to save money and help the environment." 

Flux worked with Energy Wise to remodel their data collection instruments to ensure that the format reflected best practices in data collection instrument design.

By utilizing semi-structured conversations with Energy Wise staff to understand workflows, bottlenecks and capacity through exploration of different analysis systems, Flux was able to modify structure and content of the instruments, reflecting the underlying principles of minimizing respondent time, data input and processing time and maximizing comprehensibility for respondents.

Website: energyla.org



Dates: September 2016 - Ongoing

Project: TerraLuna Collaborative is a Minneapolis based consulting firm focusing on evaluation, research and systems change for social justice. Flux is in ongoing exchange with the collaborative, providing quantitative analysis, case study support and the evaluation of a major project to revamp educational support systems for the entire state of Missouri.

Website:  terralunacollaborative.com



Dates: October 2018 - March 2019

Project: Tales of the Cocktail Foundation is an non-profit organization that educates, advances, and supports the global hospitality industry and creates lasting impact in our host communities. The pillars of the Foundation are to Educate, Advance, and Support the hospitality industry through programs that benefit individuals and organizations in the community and to make lasting impact in communities that host their events.

The project will accomplish two objectives: (a) produce an Evaluation Guidance Document, and (b) build understanding and capacity about evaluation systems design with the organization’s Board and Tactical Leadership Team.

Website: talesofthecocktail.org


Pro-Bono Projects



Dates: January 2017

Project: Big Class is a literary nonprofit dedicated to publishing New Orleans’ young writers aged 6 - 18. Programs include in-school projects and workshops, the youth writers’ council, the writers’ room and more. Flux developed a context blueprint to help Big Class better understand how to a) assess organizational needs, b) justify the need for their services, and to c) understand what differentiates them from the rest.

Website: bigclass.org

Results: Context Blueprint